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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lyft How Passengers Use Burner Numbers to Create Multiple Accounts to Get Free Rides

There has been a lot of talk recently about ubersex and how Lyft thought that it was actually a real app!  Word on the street is that LyftSex is being made this very moment.  Difference, being that the app developer guru making "lyftsex" claims that this is not joke and he intends to compete with big name mobile applications such as Lyft, Uber, Tinder and Bumble.  I got an opportunity to hear directly from the person behind the scenes.  Seems, like he has been coordinating this plan for a long time.  His theory, is that he will take out big competitors in 2015s market because he will provide a dating service with multiple methods of meeting a person in person!  It's very interesting actually.  He claimed that he was going to use ubersex instead of lyft, however, somebody already took so he decided to go with lyft because and were both available.  It is for real, it's not all about sex, however, it allows users to access a variety of different ways of interacting with each other by not only messaging one another, or like bumble making a guy have to wait for a girl to respond within a 24 hour period, it allows users to choose first dates, hookups, dates, all the while, using a ride sharing service "lyftsex" to have drivers on the road ready to pick up the people meeting up verifying there identity with there profiles and taking them on there date!  It's actually pretty impressive, I'm glad, to be the first one talking about it.  There's no hype yet.  But Lyft and Uber beware because this service is aiming at taking your cliental, they say uber is a large company, runned by a CEO with a larger ego.  Apparently, this guy, likes Lyft more than Uber.  He claimed that whoever was joking about ubersex, is undermining an opportunity, and actually foolish for not putting his ideas to play.  Honestly, out of, everybody I have talked to, from people on bloomberg, to uber drivers, lyft ambassadors passing out free rides for passengers, and actual employees at uber, not the shitty customer service, but the ones in the nice offices, no one sounds as passionate as the guy behind LyftSex.  He plans on the app, being the next biggest thing, and if it doesn't use LyftSex as its end name, regardless, he will take out every silicon valley competitor, monetizing there values and syncing them all together to one significant app, in meanwhile, adding new features people only joke about.

Burner app is used to verify fake temporary numbers while registering for Lyft and Uber.  Some people use fake credit cards and toss them to obtain temporary identification for new accounts.  However, this is a risky situation, and definitely goes against rideshare policies.  Data is information, however, not something to be used.