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Thursday, July 2, 2015

UberSex is a joke, however, LyftSex is the real deal

Recently, a tech guru claimed to have built a new hookup application UberSex.  Initially he claimed it to be real.  Then Lyft called him asking if he was serious, they were convinced, he was not kidding.  He told Lyft that UberSex was a joke and not real.  He only, made a beta app and marketed it as a joke to get people's attention.  In the meantime, LyftSex, is being made.  It was inspired by UberSex, however, the tech college student who is building LyftSex claims that it is real.  LyftSex seems to be a mobile dating app, the guy, claimed it will be available in the app store by the end of July.  He said, in an interview, that it was a good name to market his idea.  Also that he intends the app not only to be a one time hookup app, however, also an opportunity for single youngsters to date and have safe rideshare vehicles pick them up and take them to and from there date.  He is a engineer and business man, he, claims that tinder is great, and bumble is nice, however, lyft and uber, with every other app lack the ability to expand beyond there focus.  He has a multitude of ideas possibly considering a different name, however, again expressed interest in his legit business plan, claiming UberSex, inspired LyftSex, and that it is a good way to market his product.  The services he claims to offer combined rideshare services with tinder related dating enterprises and much much more.  He was originally a Lyft and Uber Driver in San Francisco, and make decent money, about 40k a year working full time, but, decided to venture into an opportunity of a lifetime and follow his career path in hospitality and software development to serve the community in many different ways.