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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Silicon Valley Limitless Smart Drugs

Guide to Becoming Street Smart in Silicon Valley with Smart Drugs

Fox News recently released an article about a multimillionaire single man in his mid 40's.  Brent Travis was a high school drop out.  At 30 years old he received his bachelors degree in Computer Science at Northern Arizona University.  NAU is a 4 year school located in Flagstaff, Arizona.  After graduating he moved out to San Francisco, California to get his masters degree at Santa Clara University.  He dropped out of school and took a year off.  At 31 years old, he suffered from clinical depression and a Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

He claimed, he spent countless hours some nights, until 6am in the morning searching the internet in attempt to diagnose himself with a mood disorder.  Eventually he began searching the black market for available dugs that would enhance his IQ and life the fog from his brain.  He wanted to become Bradley Cooper from Limitless.  Then suddenly he discovered smart drugs aka nootropics.  A neighbor friend of his named Bill told him about a sleep disorder that he suffered from and claimed that Armodafinil solved the problem he faced from the symptoms he had.  Brent immediately got ahold of a Nuvigil.  Suddenly, he could see clearly.  He lost his vision and had an eye opening experience 15 minutes after consuming the medication.

Three years, upon taking Nuvigil, he created three web based businesses.  In his first three months, he made one million dollars trading stock daily with binary options by predicting/studying the market.  Today he claims that this medication enhanced his ability to live the life of his dreams.  No longer does he run from his fear.  He embraces every feeling and create goals every week that he tackles religiously.  He no longer suffers from depression or anxiety.  He claims that the medication changed his biochemistry, therefore, his brain isn't the same even while off of the Nuvigil.  He claims that he knows a lot of people that take Nuvigil in the Silicon Valley.  "NZT-48 is real.  I take it everyday.  Bradley Cooper is my idol.  Hard work pays off".

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