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Monday, October 12, 2015

Tinder Hacks to Automatically Like Every Girl on Tinder

Tinder Hacks to Automatically Like Every Girl on Tinder

Most of us are single in a large city looking to hook up with women/men on a familiar app called Tinder.  A few hacks allow many Tech Nerds to Like Every Girl on Tinder.  In fact, tinder is an app that is available on the iTunes app store.  It is a free app that allows single people mingle with nearby neighbors.  Living in a big city like the San Francisco Bay Area, this new explosive dating app, opens a lot of doors for us to meet new people.  Personally I have never found such an effective app.  Dating isn't easy, it's hard meeting new people, thank god for Tinder.  It makes the dating scene much more interesting, it allows us to meet new people we might have never met before.

There is a new app on the iTunes app store that has come out with the ability to automatically like every person on tinder within a set mile radius of a person's location.  The only requirement to allow this app to work effectively is to turn it on, link it to your tinder account and to turn on automatic mode.  It will automatically, like EVERY single person, without having to do any work.  Isn't that a sweet idea?  Honestly, this saves so much time preventing us from swiping every single tinder account.  This is uber sweet.  I highly recommend checking it out immediately in the app store.  Now we can skip the time/effort and get the results we want which are our connections made with the interest of other people.  

Tinder's price is a great deal.  However, the swipe limit is uber inconvenient.  It is apparently apart of some algorithm that limits us from connecting with every match immediately over a very short period of time.  Tinder makes money off of the users with this.  I highly recommend paying whatever fees tinder requires to have no limit in the amount of swipes you can make.  

My tips, are to make as many connections/matches you can get in the shortest amount of time possible.  This way, we have every option available to us.  Tinder users hear a lot of bull shit, from other people, beating around the bush of there reason for using the app.  Don't tell people what they want to hear, in fact, opposite action is important when telling them how we really feel.